Grade 2 Information

In order to register for the Fall Faith Formation program your child’s Baptism certificate is required with registration. If your child was baptized at St. Nicholas of Myra Church, the certificate is not required, just provide the date/year of Baptism.

Mass attendance is mandatory for sacramental year students. They are required to attend Mass on Saturday or on Sunday, either before or after class. There will be a sign in sheet at the main entrance of the Church for students to sign in before or after Mass (each student must sign in).

If you attend Mass at a Church other than St Nicholas of Myra you are required to obtain a bulletin signed by the priest from the Church you attended.

Since grade 2 is a sacramental year, your child is allowed only three (3) excused absences. If your child has more than three you will need to meet with Father Fedak to discuss if your child is still eligible to receive their First Holy Communion. Please click the link for a grade 2 calendar:


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