To Volunteers: Safe Environment – CORI requirements

Safe Environment Training and CORI Requirements for Volunteers:
The Diocese of Fall River and St. Nicholas of Myra Parish are committed to the protection of all our parishioners. Accordingly, all our staff and all our volunteers must complete Safe Environment training and a CORI (background check) before working or volunteering at Saint Nicholas of Myra.
For volunteers, the requirements are:
1. Complete all aspects of the Safe Environment Training from the diocese. This is now done completely online and includes watching a couple of videos and answering some questions. The link to complete this training is here:
If the above link does not work, please copy and paste or type the above web address into your browser.
Please Note:
This is a new system, all volunteers need to complete this training to be in compliance. This Safe Environment Training will be good for six years once it is complete.
You only need to do this once for all Fall River Diocese entities. (For example; if you have already done this for another parish or a Catholic School in the Fall River Diocese you do not need to do this a second time. Please advise the parish office of the location within the Fall River Diocese where your training was completed.
2. Print your Certificate of Completion (provided to you electronically at the end of the online training).
3. Complete a CORI background check by printing and completing the “CORI Acknowledgement Form” (available at the bottom of this page in the “Document” section), and submitting a photocopy of your current driver’s license.
4. You must read the “Code of Pastoral Conduct” (available at the bottom of this page in the “Document” section or at the Parish Office). Then print, sign, and return the “Acknowledgement of Receipt” page (available at the bottom of this page in the “Document” section).
Please Note: Rhode Island residents need to, fill out and submit a RI- Disclaimer Form. This additional form allows us permission to request an out-of-state background check. This form MUST be notarized.
Once all forms are submitted to the Parish office, and the CORI process is finalized– you’re all set! Ministry leaders will be able to reach out to you for your volunteer opportunities.
We understand this is a bit of paperwork and time and we thank you for taking the time required to complete the process. We can all agree that the protection of our parishioners makes this worthwhile.
The following is a check list of forms you must submit:
1. Certificate of Completion – CMG Connect Safe Environment Training- Fall River
(This is required of all volunteers and is good for 6 years-you print this when your online training is complete)
2. CORI Acknowledgement Form (form available for download below)
3. Signed “Acknowledgement of Receipt of Code of Pastoral Conduct” (Signature form available for download below)
4. Photo copy of current Driver’s License
5. RI residents only- Notarized- RI Disclaimer Form
(Form available for download below)
Please note at this time the Diocese of Fall River requires that once an individual has completed the initial training, which is good for 6 years, all CORI background checks be run every year for an individual to continue to volunteer for the diocese. You will receive a letter asking you if wish to continue to volunteer in your ministry and the letter will include the necessary paperwork for you to complete and return along with a copy of your current driver’s license. The frequency of this is being reviewed and any changes will be noted in the parish bulletin.





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