Becoming Catholic

In his weekly general audiences in 2006 and 2007, Pope Benedict XVI spoke about the lives of the apostles.  In doing so, the Pope painted a picture of the apostles who were very much human and also very much searching for a deeper connection with God.  Each one had to leave behind  what was known in their lives and embark on a new journey with Jesus.  This journey involved taking risks, trusting in God, and being open to change and conversion.   When the journey was over, this ragtag group of individuals had become a true community of faith, hope, and charity.  The Church was born.

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation.  You are searching for meaning in life.  You hear Jesus’ call to “come and follow me.”  You desire closeness and intimacy with God.  You want to be a part of a community of faith.  You have come to the right place!

Our hearts seek the One who creates us and who seeks us as well.  The God of mystery became visible when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born into our world and lived a human life as one of us, teaching us how to live and love.  His death and resurrection reconciled us to the Father and to one another and gave us the promise of eternal life.  Jesus is the starting point and center of Christianity.  He entrusted his apostles with the mission of continuing his presence on earth.  Within the Church, life is no longer a solitary search for meaning, but rather a journey with companions in the faith.  God reaches out to His Church community, the family of God, and they reach back together to the God who is love.

The Catholic Church welcomes your interest in our Church. The initiation process has been a blessing for the Church. Those in the Catholic faith community speak of the renewal of their own faith as they witness those engaged in the initiation process prepare to become fully initiated members of the Catholic Church.

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